Saturday, February 18, 2017

12.2 - Good News: NCAA will extend ban on games in NC if HB2 is not repealed

Good News: NCAA will extend ban on games in NC if HB2 is not repealed

Related to that, you know about the infamous law in NC known as HB2, the so-called "bathroom bill" discriminating against transgender folks. You know about the boycotts and you may also know that despite promises to repeal or at least significantly amend the law, it still stands.

Well, if the law isn't repealed by the end of the month, the NCAA is going to extend its current one-year ban on scheduling NCAA championship games in NC for another four years. That's a potential 133 championship games that NC will lose because of its pig-headed bigotry.

What's more, the expectation is that if the NCAA acts, the ACC will follow. And so will countless amateur and youth sporting organizations.

I said a while back about this that I feel badly for the workers who will lose income because the boycotts, "but the fact is that bigotry must be made to pay a price if it is to be turned back. This is part of the price that must be paid."

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