Sunday, March 05, 2017

13.8 - For the Record: DOJ back to using private prisons

For the Record: DOJ back to using private prisons

For the record...

...back in August we brought you the Good News that the federal doj was going to stop using private, profit-oriented prisons to hold federal inmates, been based on a report by the Department's inspector general that by using private prisons the Bureau of Prisons had failed in its core mission to incarcerate individuals in facilities "that are safe, humane, cost-efficient and secure" and that private prisons fell short of federal ones on essentially every measure of comparison.

Despite that, on February 23, AG Jeff Beauregard Reichmeister reversed that decision, saying that private prisons were needed to cover "future needs" - whatever those might be but which cannot but sound ominous now.

This truly deserves more time than I am going to give it here but I wanted to be sure it was at least noted.

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