Saturday, April 01, 2017

16.10 - Clown Award: a majority of American men

Clown Award: a majority of American men

Finally for the week, it's our other regular feature, the Clown Award, given as always for meritorious stupidity. Sometimes it's given for something outrageous or creepy or yeah, downright stupid, but sometimes it's given just because of a "duh" moment.

With that in mind, the winner of the Big Red Nose this week is: a majority of American men.

According to a new survey by the nonpartisan polling firm PerryUndem, the majority of Americans hold fairly progressive views on reproductive rights.

For example, 74 percent of voters don't want to defund Planned Parenthood, 63 percent oppose restricting access to abortion care, and 83 percent want to keep the Medicaid expansion. Some 75 percent think that if men were the ones who got pregnant, Congress would keep the birth control benefit in health care instead of talking about repealing it.

So why the clown award?
Okay, it's the best I could find

Because of one particular question that got results that just really struck me as shake-your-head weird. Men were asked "Have you benefitted personally from any woman in your life having access to affordable birth control?" Some 52 percent of men said "no."

Guys - what?

You haven't benefitted? You haven't benefitted from not having an unwanted pregnancy in your marriage or relationship? You haven't benefitted from not having an unwanted child in your marriage or relationship? You haven't - how should I say this - benefitted from having the fear of an unwanted pregnancy removed from a let's call it potential relationship?

Dudes, get a clue!

On just about if not everything else in the survey, you proved yourselves progressive, much more progressive than members of the US public are thought to be. But on this one, that failure to connect the brightly-lit and numbered dots left you looking like, sorry guys, clowns.

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