Saturday, April 01, 2017

16.8 - For the Record: items considered quickly

For the Record: items considered quickly

Next up, we have For the Record, our occasional feature where we cover some bits of news very quickly, just to make sure they gets mentioned. So:

For the Record, leaked documents show that Daniel Pantaleo, the New York cop who killed Eric Garner with a banned chokehold in July 2014, should have been fired long before that incident. Before he choked Garner to death over a claim of selling untaxed cigarettes, Pantaleo had seven disciplinary complaints lodged against him plus four individual allegations substantiated by an independent review board. None of them lead to any significant punishment.

For the Record, a couple of computer geeks have set up a website called MakeTweetsGreatAgain where people can sign up to donate anywhere from 10 cents up to the ACLU every time Donald TheRump sends out a tweet. So far over $1600 has been raised. They also let him know via Twitter how much each one of his tweets - which in his case really should be called twits - is worth.

Finally, For the Record, the annual African Global Economic and Development Summit, which is about trade between the US and African nations, was held in Los Angeles March 16-18. One thing was missing: Africans. Every one of the invited delegates from Africa, about 100 of them, had been denied a visa.

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