Sunday, April 09, 2017

17.9 - Footnote: mudslides in Colombia kill hundreds

Footnote: mudslides in Colombia kill hundreds

Approximate location of Mocoa
As a footnote to that, as if Colombia didn't have enough troubles, in the early hours of April 2 torrential rains caused flooding that generated mudslides in Putumayo province in the southwest part of the country, burying the provincial capital of Mocoa and killing over 250 people, with hundreds more injured.

Some 400 FARC former rebels at a nearby camp have offered to help in rescue and rebuilding efforts, but they will have to get government permission to leave the camp.

The offer of help didn't impress one right-wing Colombian senator who is a member of a political party that opposed the peace settlement. He accused FARC of causing the mudslides by setting off some dynamite. He had to apologize after it turned out that he got both the day and the location of the event wrong.

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