Sunday, May 21, 2017

22.5 - Clown Award: Hillary Clinton

Clown Award: Hillary Clinton

Now for one of our regular features. This is the Clown Award, given as always for meritorious stupidity.

As I have said before, there are several varieties of stupid, from the evil to the jaw-droppingly dumb. This one is a case of sheer ridiculousness.

So this week, the Big Red Nose goes to Hillary Clinton.

On May 15, Clinton grandly declared that she is part of "the resistance," the spontaneous opposition to the cruelty, bigotry, and sheer venality that is the administration of Donald TheRump.

Apparently under the illusion that we have all been waiting breathlessly for her re-emergence into political life, she used the occasion to announce the formation of a new group, called Onward Together, with a name and logo that point back to her campaign slogan of "Stronger Together."

In case that didn't make it clear enough that the actual goal is to re-direct the explosion of grassroots energy we've seen of late into support for the institutional Democratic Party and its approved candidates, she wrote to supporters saying the new group is "dedicated to advancing the progressive vision that earned nearly 66 million votes in the last election," in other words, to the "vision" that supported her and the party.

Hillary Clinton
And in case even that didn't make it clear enough, she also hinted that Howard Dean would be involved somehow, as if she expected us to get all a-flutter at the very mention of the idea.

Make no mistake: This is not about supporting the resistance, this is about leading the resistance. This is not about being part of the resistance, this is about being the resistance.

This is, that is, about defining the resistance. This is about turning "the resistance" into simply an arm of the institutional Democratic Party.

That is an idea whose time, if it has not passed, damn well should have. And to the extent that Hillary Clinton imagines herself being a leader of, a spokeswoman for, the resistance, the same is true of her.

And that makes her a clown.

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