Saturday, October 07, 2017

34.8 - Footnote: media adopts right-wing framing

Footnote: media adopts right-wing framing

As an  important Footnote to that, I have many times expressed my frustration with the fact that we are uninformed, malinformed, and misinformed by our major news media. What I just spoke about raises another example.

CBS News, which is about as mainstream as you can get, had an article about that anti-choice bill the House passed, banning abortions after 20 weeks. It ended this way, and this is a direct quote:
Several anti-abortion groups, who argue fetuses are capable of feeling pain at 20-weeks, support the bill, while pro-abortion voices have spoken out against it.
Do you have to adopt the right-wing frame?

Do you feel some obligation to do so? Or are you just too lazy and incompetent to realize it?

Nobody is "pro-abortion!" I defy you to find one person anywhere, anytime, who went around advocating abortions, who went around saying "Abortions are great! You should have one! In fact, every woman should have at least one!"

Media, get a freaking clue! You can call people pro-choice, you can call them pro-freedom, you can call them, pre-abortion rights, pro-reproductive rights, pro-women having the power to decide about their own bodies, but you can't call them "pro-abortion" because no one is!

"Pro-abortion" is the right-wing framing of the issue, trying to stir up visions of hordes of women cavalierly having abortions as casually - and as frequently - as they change their socks. It is just another example of the frequent failures of our news media that they so thoughtlessly embrace that framing.

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