Sunday, October 15, 2017

35.3 - Good News: cop who dragged nurse from hospital is fired

Good News: cop who dragged nurse from hospital is fired

Finally for this week, do you remember Alex Wubbels? She is the nurse who in July was arrested and physically dragged out of a hospital by a Salt Lake City cop named Jeff Payne after she - entirely properly - refused to let him take blood from an unconscious patient without a warrant.

Video of her arrest went viral and she was quickly released without charges.

The Good News here is that on October 10, Jeff Payne was fired - and to top it off, his supervisor, who told him to go ahead and arrest Wubbels, was demoted from lieutenant to regular officer.

Wubbels did have three advantages here: It was recorded - which while too often making no difference, without the video nothing would have been done here - she is white, and she is a nurse, a profession with a high degree of respect among Americans.

While none of that protected her from the mistreatment, together they did mean that, as too rarely happens, there were consequences for being a bad cop. And that is Good News.

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