Saturday, October 07, 2017

What's Left #34

What's Left
for the week of October 6-12, 2017

This week:

Good News: White House cybersecurity coordinator wants to end the use of SSNs as ID

News to make you smile: Sen. Elizabeth Warren rips CEO of Wells Fargo

News to make you smile: an organizer of the Nazi rally in Charlottesville indicted for felony perjury

Not Good News: DOJ claims job discrimination against transgenders is legal

Las Vegas and gun control

Clown Award: Sen. Ron Johnson

Outrage of the Week: payments to "safety net" hospitals cut, Children's Health Insurance Program expired due to Congressional inaction

Footnote: media adopts right-wing framing

For the Record: UN opposes death penalty for consensual same-sex relationsp; US votes "No"

For the Record: IRS gives Equifax no-bid contract to "verify taxpayer identity"

For the Record: Sen. Elizabeth Warren forces CEO of Equifax to admit company profits of data breaches

For the Record: number of accounts compromised in Yahoo's 2013 data breach now estimated at 3 billion

The meaning of the White House response to Puerto Rico

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