Tuesday, November 07, 2017

37.2 - Good News: white supremacist rallies fizzle

Good News: white supremacist rallies fizzle

Two quick bits of kinda good news relating to two so-called "white power" - that is, white supremacist - rallies in Tennessee on October 28. Why it's "kinda" is because they relate to these bigots' banquets but they are nonetheless fun.

First is that in Murfreesboro, the rally was canceled after about 30 white nationalists showed up to discover they were facing off against about 800 to 1,000 counterprotesters chanting "Murfreesboro loves," "Refugees are welcome here" and "This is what democracy looks like."

And one of the things I've long maintained is that we not only have to be determined, we have to be creative.

So I thoroughly enjoyed the fact that in Shelbyville, not only were the 100 or so neo-Nazis outnumbered 2-1 by counterprotesters, but in a great moment, the counterprotesters offered the Master Race-wannabes free genetic testing.

It seems there were no takers.

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