Sunday, November 12, 2017

38.1 - Hero Award: Brennon Jones and Sean Johnson

Hero Award: Brennon Jones and Sean Johnson

We start the week with a Hero Award, something we occasionally give out here to someone who just does the right thing on a matter big or small.

And this week, in fact, we have a double award.

Our first hero is Brennon Jones of Philadelphia, who for the past year has been running a service he calls "Haircut 4 Homeless," a one-man mobile barbershop giving free haircuts and shaves to the city's homeless men - not only that, but providing food, clothing, and toiletries. Which certainly makes him a hero around here.

Meanwhile, Sean Johnson had a successful barbershop going in the city, successful enough that he had just purchased a new storefront a few doors down from his existing one.

Jones was likely a little surprised when Johnson, who he had never met, said he - that is, Johnson - wanted to show Jones something.

As Jones tells it,
[Johnson said] "Listen, I’ve got a building I want you to come check out." He said, "Do you like this place?" I said, "Yeah I like it." He tossed me the key and said, "It's yours."
The new shop opens sometime this month, with Mondays dedicated to serving the homeless, partnering with shelters and stylists to provide transportation, a haircut, and food.

Making Sean Johnson, whose decision to pay it forward made it possible, our second hero.

Just something to feel good about.

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