Thursday, July 28, 2022

058 The Erickson Report for July 26 to August 8

058 The Erickson Report for July 26 to August 8

Reproductive rights


Climate change

Saturday, July 09, 2022

057 The Erickson Report for July 7-20


057 The Erickson Report for July 7-20

This episode of The Erickson Report focuses on three recent and one upcoming case before of the Supreme Court that reflect and reveal aspects of the slow-motion coup that threatens our future as a civil society and a free people. The issues are the practical ability of any federal regulation of any sort to exist, the ability to put any regulations on guns, the ability to maintain a separation of church and state, and even the ability to vote for president.

If that sounds over-dramatic, watch the episode.

The Erickson Report is news and informed commentary from a member of the radical nonviolent left (and a proud member of "the 'woke' mob"). As what's known as advocacy journalism, it uses facts and logic while never pretending it is neutral on or indifferent to the topics it addresses. Your host, Larry Erickson, is a veteran of 50 years of political activism in both "the streets and the suites" and looks with this show to both inform and inspire action.

Questions and other reactions are welcome by email at whoviating at aol dot com.

Footnote: I realize the episode is a week late. I do apologize. We do try to keep a bi-weekly schedule, but sometimes, well, we fail. Again, my apologies and I hope you'll find this show was worth the wait.


Re federal regulation

Re regulations on guns

Re separation of church and state

Re vote for president
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