Monday, December 29, 2003

Can you use a laugh?

Okay, having pretty much caught up on older items, there are a few new things to mention.

Check this out for a laugh. Nutsoid Mona Charen, writing on the far-right Townhall website, one best described as a refuge for dittoheads with a pretense to erudition, actually claims that Time magazine chose US soldiers as the Person of the Year because the editors "were desperate to find someone, anyone, to name instead of George W. Bush."

I mean, there's freako and then there's just plain warped.

By the way, at the bottom of her column is an ad for her last (We can only hope!) book. It's put out by Regnery Publishing, which describes itself as "the leading conservative publisher in America." The ad, on, says the book can be purchased through's book service and contains a link to a glowing review by a book reviewer.

I thought conservatives were against incest.

Footnote: A local radio station in Indianapolis (near to which I recently lived) once tried to arrange an on-air confrontation between Mona and me after a letter of mine ripping her was published in the Indianapolis Star. Her agent said her "schedule didn't allow it." Yep, I'm sure that was it.

Addendum: I'll be fair here. (Why I should be fair to such as Charen, I don't know, but I will anyway.) Some years ago I heard about how rocker Huey Lewis, who's a real basketball fan and apparently a pretty good player for someone who never thought about being a pro, challenged Larry Bird to some one-on-one. Bird declined.

Lewis said later he understood. "He beats me 10-0 and it's so what? I get one basket off him and I'm the big hero. It was a no-win situation for him."

I suppose the same could be said of Charen. She whips me in a verbal duel and it's so what? She's the big famous columnist wordsmith and who's he? I so much as hold my own and it's "Did you hear how Mona Charen got chainsawed by that guy?" So she may have considered it a no-win.

Still, it would have been fun. And of course I would have whipped her ass.

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