Tuesday, September 28, 2004

Footnote to the preceding

In the same item, CSM also notes that
the military also announced the "release of 11 Guantanamo prisoners to their home country of Afghanistan, bringing to less than 550 the number of terror suspects still held" at Gitmo. This means that more than 202 men have left the base since their arrest as enemy combatants.
How long ago was it that we were assured that all those at Gitmo were, what was the phrase, "the worst of the worst?" It now seems that close to 30% of them have been released without charge - so far.

(Just in case anyone want to start the "they never actually said" nonsense, Ari Fleischer said "These are not mere innocents ... these are among the worst of the worst." So much, by the way, for innocent until proven guilty.)

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