Monday, August 13, 2007

Update on a recent post #3

On August 4 I expressed my deep dismay along with, I expect was obvious, my lack of surprise at the cave by the Dummycrats on the FISA bill. As a follow-up, look at Ken Silverstein's column at Harper's on August 10, to which I was alerted by BuzzFlash.

Silverstein cites an E.J. Dionne column in which he says that “about 20 House Democrats huddled in Speaker Nancy Pelosi’s office to decide what to do about a surveillance bill that had been dumped on them by the Senate before it left town.” Many were "furious," Dionne said, because they thought they had negotiated in good faith and gave the White House what it needed while preserving some oversight. This is Dionne as quoted by Silverstein:
At one point, according to participants in the Pelosi meeting, the passionate discussion veered toward the idea of standing up to the administration - even at the risk of handing President Bush a chance to bash Democrats on “national security,” as is his wont ... But the moment passed. Even some very liberal Democrats worried about the political costs of blocking action before the summer recess.
That is, Dionne said, the debate was "saturated by political calculation and the quest for short-term electoral advantage.”

So just like we said, just like so many of us said, the Dimcrats' main focus is not on doing their jobs, not on keeping their promises, not on acting on the mandate given them last fall, but on positioning for 2008!

It can't be said often enough: We told you so.

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