Saturday, September 08, 2007

Oh, no!

The tribal wars in Democratic Republic of Congo had been called the world's worst humanitarian crisis, surpassing even Darfur. Over 3 million killed, over 2 million more driven from their homes. A series of quickly-broken ceasefires had slowed the horror but not stopped it. This report from Reuters raises the risk that another cycle is about to start:
Renegade Congolese General Laurent Nkunda said on Friday the Congolese army had attacked his position, breaking a fragile ceasefire negotiated by United Nations mediators in eastern Democratic Republic of Congo.

"I have told MONUC (the U.N. mission in Congo) that we were attacked this morning in Rutshuru. They say they are in contact with the Congolese army to ask them to stop," Nkunda told Reuters by telephone.

"I think it can be stopped," he said.

U.N. mediators announced the ceasefire on Thursday after nearly two weeks of fighting in volatile North Kivu province in which rebels loyal to Nkunda have battled U.N.-backed government troops, forcing thousands of refugees to flee.

The deal was announced as thousands of Tutsi fighters loyal to Nkunda appeared to have turned the tide on government forces, and were pressing ahead towards the provincial capital Goma.
I hope Nkunda is right, I also hope he is telling the truth and not simply pulling a Gulf of Tonkin as an excuse to renew fighting when he thinks he has the advantage. There has been enough blood spilled there to satisfy the bloodlust of generations.

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