Monday, October 15, 2007

Parting Shot #3

I've said it over and over again, most recently just a few days ago:
We are on our own. We cannot depend on the Dimcrats any more than we can depend on the GOPpers to get us out of Iraq until and unless we make it politically untenable for them to do otherwise. And that will not take quiet, "serious," discussions. It will take public noise and lots of it.
So make some noise!

Demonstrate! Gesticulate! Articulate!

Refuse! Resist! Reject!

Sign a petition. Write a letter. Go to a vigil. Go to a demonstration. Do civil disobedience, maybe sit in at a Congressional office. Make yourself a nuisance. Refuse to pay some or all of your taxes. Call or write Congress, because I don't care who your rep is, they haven't done enough.

Light a damn candle, even! Something! And keep doing it!

Iraq Moratorium is calling on people to take some action about ending the war on the third Friday of every month. I've decided that whatever else I may do, on each of those days, I'm going to call my three Congressional reps and tell them they haven't done enough and that the minimum I will accept is a pledge to vote against any bill funding the Iraq War that does not contain a fixed date for withdrawal.

Here's something very specific to do: Attend one of the 11 regional demonstrations set for October 27 being organized by United for Peace and Justice.

Boston - Endorsed by 95 organizations throughout New England, including the AFL-CIO state federations in Vermont and Connecticut, the demonstration will feature noted historian Howard Zinn, John Olsen (President, Connecticut AFL-CIO), Son of Nun (political hip-hop), David Rovics (topical folk) and representatives from veterans and military families organizations.

Chicago - More than 130 groups and three members of Congress are already endorsing the midwest action. Peace trains and buses are coming from Michigan, Iowa, Wisconsin, Minnesota, Illinois, Indiana and Ohio, and at least 30 African-American churches on Chicago's South Side are bringing busloads of people to the march and rally.

Jonesborough, Tennessee - Jonesborough is home to Aerojet Ordnance Tennessee, one of the largest producers of Depleted Uranium (DU) weapons. That fact, and its central location, led regional organizers to decide this was an ideal location for an October 27th demonstration in the southeast. The day will begin with a rally at the Courthouse steps where the mayor of Jonesborough will welcome the peacemakers.

Los Angeles - Following a march to the Federal Building, participants will be asked to be part of a die-in to represent the more than 1 million Iraqis and almost 4,000 US servicepeople killed in the war.

New Orleans - After a rally in Washington Square, the march will proceed through the French Quarter. People from Texas, Arkansas, Oklahoma, Alabama, Mississippi and Louisiana are joining this event. In addition to calling for an end to the war in Iraq, this march and rally will address the racial injustice on the Gulf Coast, in New Orleans and Jena, Louisiana.

New York - The labor movement, college and high school students, and community groups from around New York State and northern New Jersey are mobilizing for a massive march and rally to end the war. The march will end at a Peace and Justice Fair, where there will be opportunities for people to find out how they can become more involved in the ongoing work of many organizations.

Orlando - Endorsements are pouring in, and people are coming from South Carolina, Georgia, parts of Alabama, and from all over Florida. Since national marches are usually so far away and such a major trip for people in Florida, folks are responding with a lot of excitement to this call to Orlando.

Philadelphia - A caravan led by Iraq Veterans Against the War will make its way from Arlington Cemetery to Philadelphia, with stops in Washington, DC, Maryland, and Delaware. At each stop, a "coffin," bearing the count of U.S. military deaths from that state, and an estimate of the Iraqi casualties from a particular province, will be loaded on a vehicle to join the caravan. In Camden, NJ, participants in a morning rally will march across the Ben Franklin Bridge to Philadelphia, and on to Independence Mall. In Philadelphia, a Human Chain for Peace will extend 36 blocks, followed by a march to the rally at Independence Mall.

Salt Lake City - People from Idaho, Colorado, Montana, and around Utah will come together in a major march and rally in Salt Lake City. An Iraq War veteran will give an opening address before the march. The event culminates at Washington Square, where nationally recognized speakers will address the gathering. The Mayor of Salt Lake City, Rocky Anderson, is supporting this effort.

San Francisco - Several feeder marches from various parts of the city will join people from throughout northern California at the Civic Center for a pre-march rally. The main march will proceed to Dolores Park, where there will be another rally and a Peace and Justice Convergence. The convergence will feature activities designed to help educate people about a number of critical issues and bring them into greater involvement. A massive number of groups in the Bay Area and around the region have endorsed the demonstration and more are expected.

Seattle - Throughout Washington and Oregon, organizing is underway to bring people to Seattle. People will gather in Judkins Park for a rally and then march to Occidental Park. The march is planned to go through communities in Seattle so the antiwar message gets out far and wide.
Do it. Do it all and do it again. Because we are on our own.


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