Monday, October 15, 2007

Parting Shot #4

And why are these called parting shots? Because Lotus is going on hiatus for a time. I've no idea how long.

But I can't find the energy to carry this on, on anything approaching a regular basis. My lifelong companion and occasional foe, the black cloud, has been hovering over me for a while now and I'm tired, depressed, and discouraged. I'm tired of feeling like I'm not getting anywhere with this thing, tired of feeling like I'm talking to an empty room, tired of putting up the work I put into posts against regarding 50 hits as a really good day and feeling like that work could be much better applied somewhere else.

I'm tired of trying to forget only to be reminded again of just how short a distance most of the so-called "liberal blogosphere" really wants to move, how much of it really does think that electing a few more Democrats is the key to all things good. And I'm tired of being reminded that for too many people, "peace" is an abstract concept to be praised and desired but calling for anything specific like a cutoff of funding or even a fixed withdrawal date is "abandoning the Iraqis" and "too political" and thus to be shunned.

I'm not giving up and I'm not disappearing, it's just that my posting will consist of occasional comments on other people's blogs. And I will be on the phone on Friday. And I will be in the streets on October 27.

See you there.

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