Wednesday, June 09, 2010

Just an observation

Hey, here's something for Bob Somerby - or someone else - to sink their media analysis teeth into:

I had no involvement in the campaign other than as a casual observer, but I have to ask why it is that when Bill Halter first declared he was going to run against Blanche Lincoln, the media described him as "a progressive" and "a challenger from her left" but when it looked like he might win it became a race of "insider vs. outsider" overlaying an "anti-incumbent mood" - but now that he's lost suddenly he's "a progressive" again?

I only ask the question as a means of making the observation, because we know the answer: In the media narrative, the left can never win. If the more liberal of two candidates wins, it's always for some other reason - and that remains true even if even "more liberal" is only by comparison rather than a reference to any absolute measure of the political philosophies involved.

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