Wednesday, June 02, 2010


This was supposed to go up on Memorial Day but somehow that slipped by. Still, I want to put it up now.

Some years ago. on an email list I was on, someone wrote to urge a moment of silence on Memorial Day to remember those who "made the ultimate sacrifice." This was my answer:
In that silent moment remember, too, the many nonviolent warriors who struggled, searched, sacrificed, for justice and freedom, who remain without songs or memorials to celebrate their lives or their passing, but who at some moment stood weaponless against the machinery of oppression and showed in their simple "No more" a force that can move history.
And once you've done that, embrace the coming summer (for those of you in the Northern Hemisphere), and celebrate life while you have it.


Miguel said...

As a Viet Nam veteran I am sadden by the wasted lives and lessons not learned in that conflict. The analogy of the USA being like a stubborn teenager is appropriately fitting when it comes to be proud about our militaristic ventures.

LarryE said...

Thanks for your comment.

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