Saturday, July 07, 2012

Left Side of the Aisle #64 - Part 2

Outrage of the Week: Access to health care "not the issue"

GOPpers have said repeatedly that Obamacare must be "repealed and replaced." But ask them "replaced with what" and the double-talk express gets rolling.

Sunday, July 1, Sen. Mitch "Fishface" McConnell was on "Fox News Sunday." Host Chris Wallace asked him how, if Obamacare is repealed, Republicans would provide health care coverage to the 30 million uninsured Americans who, it's estimated, would gain coverage through the new law.

Fishface answered "That is not the issue."

Incredulous, Wallace interrupted with "You don't think 30 million uninsured is an issue?"

In response, McConnell started spouting out bullet point sound bytes about how bad Europe is and how Obama wants the federal government take over all American health care. Which frankly, I wish it would - it's called a national health care system and could hardly be worse than what we have now.

Wallace pressed him on the issue of pre-existing conditions, asking how he would protect that group of people. McConnell dismissed the issue with a reference to state-level high-risk pools - which don't exist in every state, provide coverage with high premiums, waiting periods, and coverage exclusions, and now serve about 208,000 people - when there are about 25 million with pre-existing condition problems.

This debate has been going on for how long now? I mean about this particular piece of legislation, not the whole health care debate. More than three years, anyway. And after all that time, the blockheads that populate the right still don't have any alternative plans, any actual proposals to deal with the scores of millions of Americans who do not have access to health care.

Now we know why: For them, it's not an issue.

And that is a moral outrage. It's the Outrage of the Week.


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