Friday, March 22, 2013

Left Side of the Aisle #100 - Part 7

Hero Award #1: Croatian-Serb kiss

The Hero Award, given as the occasion arises to someone who in some way, big or small, just does the right thing.

In Mostar, Bosnia-Herzegovina, there is a branch of the United World College. The branch was founded in 2006 with the explicit aim of contributing to the reconstruction of a post-conflict society. The students represent about 40 different nationalities.

Earlier this month, students were marching through Mostar, carrying flags in a sort of celebration of multiculturialism. Among the marchers was a young Croatian woman who was holding hands with her Serbian boyfriend. An old woman demanded of her how she could dare to walk next to a Serb.

She answered by kissing him.

A Reddit user with the screenname EvolvedBacteria, who took the picture, said that it showed that "For us, here in Mostar, the new generations are not willing to continue a war of minds."

Hope spring eternal.


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