Friday, March 22, 2013

Left Side of the Aisle #100 - Part 8

Hero Award #2: Bradley Manning in his own voice

The other Hero Award, very quickly.

Last week I said I was giving Bradley Manning a Hero Award, a very well-deserved one. This week I wanted to formalize that, using as an opening to do so the fact that an audio recording of the statement he made to the military court has been made available to the Freedom of the Press Foundation. They don't know who did it or how they did it, but they have it, they have verified it, and now they have released it. A link to it is at my website. [See below.]

To appreciate this, you've got to realize the restrictions on covering his court-martial. Among the rules governing the trial are ones that bar not only all video or audio recordings of the proceedings, but even taking any photographs of Manning. You can't even get a transcript of what is said in court.

What all that means is that this is our first chance actually to hear Bradley Manning in his own voice. Use it.


The link to the recording of Manning's statement:

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