Friday, October 04, 2013

128.4 - Hero Award #1: Joey Prusak

Hero Award #1: Joey Prusak

I have two Hero Awards this week. The Hero Award is something we give from time to time, awarded to people who on some matter big or small just did the right thing.

The first goes to 19-year-old Joey Prusak, a worker at a Dairy Queen in Hopkins, Minnesota.

A couple of weeks ago, a blind man who'd just placed an order accidentally dropped a $20 bill on the floor. Before Prusak could say anything, a women he described as being in her 50s or 60s swept in behind the man as he fumbled with his wallet, picked up the twenty, and stuffed it in her purse.

Prusak, who said he "was kind of in shock" and "appalled," told the woman to give the money back - but she boldly claimed that it was her money.

He said he'd seen everything, he saw her pick it up, but she only argued louder. Finally, he told her if she didn't return the money he was going to have her leave the store. He refused to serve her and she finally left but not before after letting loose with what he called "some choice words."

After she left, he sat with the blind man, told him what had happened, took out his wallet, and gave him $20 of his own money. Then he went back to work.

The whole thing was witnessed by another customer, who wrote to the store about it - and well, story wound up going viral. So I just wanted to add my own little approbation: Joey Prusak, hero.


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