Friday, October 04, 2013

128.5 - Hero Award #2: Peter Tabibian

Hero Award #2: Peter Tabibian

The other Hero Award is from this week and also involves a food place.

Z-Burger has four locations in Washington, DC, region. A large part of its clientele is civil servants and Peter Tabibian, founder and proprietor of the mini-chain, figured he owed them something.

So he said that any federal workers who find themselves furloughed could come into any one of his locations, show their ID, and get a free burger at noon and again around 6pm.

The company anticipates an average of 5,000 burgers – which translates to $2,500 dollars in lost profits - will be given out every day while the government is shutdown.

Tabibian says if the government doesn’t reopen within 20 days, it could take a huge bite out of his bottom line. But, he says, that won’t stop him from seeing this through to the very end.

Because, seeing the right thing, he realized that his personal interests are not the only important ones. I know nothing more of his overall political and social views than I know of Joey Prusak's. It doesn't matter. On this, he is a Hero.


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