Thursday, October 17, 2013

130.6 - Hero Award: Nancy Salgado

Hero Award: Nancy Salgado

Finally, a slam-dunk Hero Award.

Nancy Salgado is a 26-year-old single mother with two children. She is also a cashier at a McDonald's in Chicago. She makes $8.25 an hour. She has been working at McDonald's since she was 16 and has never gotten a raise.

Last week she interrupted a speech by Jeff Stratton, President of McDonald's USA, at some fancy-schmancy dinner or another, telling him she's worked for McDonald's for 10 years and can't even afford to buy shoes for her two children.She was promptly arrested, but not before leaving Stratton tongue-tied and flustered, his only comeback being "I've been there 40 years" as if that was relevant.

No one asked him how many raises he'd gotten in that time or how his kids were fixed for shoes.

By the way, there are moves in Massachusetts to raise the minimum wage and to require employers to provide earned sick time. One group is now working to get initiatives on the November 2014 ballot should legislative efforts fail.

But getting back to Nancy Salgado: Nancy, you are not only a hero - you positively rock.


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