Thursday, October 17, 2013

130.7 - Clown Award: Rep. Steve Pearce

Clown Award: Rep. Steve Pearce

And one more thing before the break, the Clown Award, given for meritorious stupidity. Feel free to laugh.

This week the big red nose goes to Rep. Steve Pearce, a GOPper from New Mexico, who posted this bit of sage wisdom on his personal Facebook page:
"If you are a furloughed government employee, we encourage you to reach out to your financial institution as soon as you worry you may miss a paycheck. Financial institutions often offer short-term loans and other resources. Don't wait until you are behind on a bill; call now and explore your options."
That's right, if you've been laid off because of the stupidity and venality of right-wing bozos like Steve Pearce and are worried about paying your bills, don't worry, be happy: just take out a loan!

Of course! Why didn't we all think of that? Of course borrowing money on no income, going even further into personal debt, is a great idea! And of course banks will be happy to lend you money just on your signature without knowing when you will be able to start paying it back. Of course!

What a clown.

And doubling his clownishness, the post was taken down and his office lamely if predictably blamed the "badly worded post" on an unnamed "staffer." Exactly why unnamed staffers are able to put up uncleared posts on Pearce's personal Facebook page was unexplained. Predictably.

Pearce says he is working without pay during the shutdown, but considering that he's worth about $8 million, I doubt that he's really feeling a financial pinch. Or needs to take out a loan.

ProgressNow New Mexico, noting that Pearce's constituents are among the poorest in the country, suggest they should call him to ask him for a loan. After all, the group says, if he's so sure that private loans are the answer, he should be the first to offer them.


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