Friday, November 01, 2013

132.3 - Update 2: McDonald's McFails again

Update 2: McDonald's McFails again

Okay, out third updates starts with the fact that two weeks ago I gave a Hero Award to Nancy Salgado, a McDonald's cashier who makes $8.25 an hour after ten years with the company, who confronted the president of McDonald's USA over the poverty-level wages employees get.

Subsequently, she called the company's "McResource Line," which is supposed to help McDonald's workers with issues like child and health care. First she was told she didn't even qualify for the help because the McDonald's she works at is a franchise, not one owned directly by the corporation.

But the person on the phone went on to make helpful suggestions. Like get Food Stamps. Get Medicaid. Apply to the Low Income Home Energy Assistance Program.

In fairness to her, the woman on the phone was trying to be helpful within the constraints under which she worked, but the point is that McDonald's "help" for employees getting poverty-level wages is to tell them to have the federal government - that is, taxpayers - pick up the bill.

I wonder how Witless Romney and Maine Gov. Pepé Le Pew with their 47% feel about that.


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