Saturday, August 30, 2014

172.5 - Update 3: John DeLeonardis

Update 3: John DeLeonardis

The last of our Updates involves John DeLeonardis, owner of the Delsea Drive-In theater in Vineland, NJ. Last week I gave him the Clown Award because of his refusal to allow a 16-year old diabetic to enter the theater with his emergency kit because it contained "contraband" - his diabetic supplies, including a juice box and some candy to protect against a potentially life-threatening crash in his blood sugar levels.

"No food. No drink. Bottom line," DeLeonardis said. "Sorry your kid has an affliction but what can I tell you?"

He later told local media he had no plans to change his policy against outside food.

Uh-huh. Amazing what a little bad publicity will do. The theater website's section on "House Rules" now contains a section specifically stating that diabetic supplies including Glucerna-type drinks (a family of drinks which are specifically intended for people with diabetes), hard candies, and bottled water are "not considered outside food or beverages."

I'm just not sure if this makes him less of a Clown because he changed the policy or more of one because he doesn't admit what drove the change.

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