Saturday, August 30, 2014

172.6 - Unintentional Humor: a new definition of "freedom"

Unintentional Humor: a new definition of "freedom"

Talking about the Delsea Drive-In raises an example of what we around here call Unintentional Humor, where something that's not intended to be funny, just is.

When the story first came out about a diabetic being barred from the theater because he had with him some food to protect against a potential crash in his blood sugar levels, a lot of people were wondering how theater owner John DeLeonardis knew what was in the bag.

Well, the "House Rules" for the theater say that "Trunks/hatches must be popped and interior lights must be on upon approach to box office." That is, they are going to more or less search your car to make sure you don't have a stray candy bar before they will let you in.

There's also a section that indicates that employees are roaming the lines between the cars and can at any moment demand you produce your ticket to avoid getting kicked out.

And after that, the rules point to "the increased freedom resulting from an open-air environment."

Ah yes, the free wind blowing in my hair.

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