Saturday, December 20, 2014

186.3 - Things I Never Thought I'd Say: proud of Nancy Pelosi

Things I Never Thought I'd Say: proud of Nancy Pelosi

Next up, I'm sure you heard about the fight - and it actually was a fight - in Congress over the fact that the budget bill contains a provision that undoes part of the Dodd-Frank bank regulations, with the result that it will be easier for banks to engage in exactly the same sort of wildly risky behavior that nearly crashed the world economy in 2008 while again leaving the rest of us on the hook to bail the banks and the bankers out of their greed-driven stupidity.

I'm also sure you heard about Senator Elizabeth Warren's attempts to block the bill unless that provision was taken out.

I mention this here because in the House, the opposition to the bill among Democrats - and there was a fair amount of it - was lead by Nancy Pelosi, and I just wanted to say that I was proud of Nancy Pelosi. I wanted to because those are words which I never thought would leave my mouth together in that order and in fairness I thought I should take advantage of the opportunity.

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