Saturday, December 20, 2014

186.4 - Subhuman Scum of the Year Award: and the two nominees are....

Subhuman Scum of the Year Award: and the two nominees are....

Finally for now, I had two candidates for Outrage of the Week but I'm not going to pick either one this week because they were both so insanely bad that instead of that they are the contenders for a new, sure-to-be-highly coveted, award, Subhuman Scum of the Year. If you want to chime in on which one of them deserves it more, you know the address:

Our first nominee is a man who not only may well be the embodiment of pure evil, he even looks the part: "The Big" Dick Cheney.

When Chuck Todd recently asked him on Meet the Press about the 25% of prisoners in our Great War on Terror(c)(reg.)(pat.pend.) who turned out to be innocent, some of who were tortured and died, Cheney replied "I have no problem [with that]."

No problem, that is, with torturing and killing innocent people.

He might seem like a shoo-in until you meet our other candidate. He is Jeffrey Follmer, the head of Cleveland Patrolmen’s Association.

He told MSNBC host Ari Melber that the cops who shot down 12-year-old Tamir Rice - who Follmer kept calling "the male" - who shot him down literally two seconds after coming screeching up to him in their car were, Follmer blandly declared while presenting the dead-faced, unblinking stare of the truly deranged, they were entirely, unquestionably, justified.

Sounding like a holocaust denier who insists they sees "no evidence" of the death camps even when it literally is dropped in their lap, he actually claimed that the video of the shooting, the murder, that the video, his words, "clearly shows" the cops did the right thing and what's more, the real victims here are the cops of Cleveland, who are being "disrespected" by calls for justice.

Sounds like another example of Everything You Need To Know: Wanting justice is "disrespecting" cops. Which tells you what he thinks constitutes "respect."

If you want to chip on on who should get the award, by all means do so. It will be given out next show.

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