Saturday, March 07, 2015

194.4 - Netanyahu shrieks to Congress

Netanyahu shrieks to Congress

Benjamin "Bibi" Netanyahu
So Bibi Netanyahu gave his speech to Congress, decrying any deal with Iran and predicting the looming apocalypse of an Iranian nuclear weapon, much to the delight of various right-wing twits (which includes some Dimcrats) who have been dreaming of seeing blood on the sands of Iran for quite some time now.

Columnist David Ignatius in the Washington Post called it "a well-crafted speech." It damn well better be by now, since Netanyahu has been giving essentially the same speech for over 20 years now, predicting Iran is a couple of years away from or just one year away from, or on the verge of, developing nuclear weapons.

Also in the Post, rather to my surprise Dana Milbank, who I sometime back dubbed "Our Lord of Perpetual Smirk" for his habit of looking down on almost everyone he wrote about, actually made an insightful observation. NetanYahoo's purpose was to get Congress to kill the negotiations by putting on them conditions everyone would know Iran would never agree to, leaving military action as the only option - military action that the US, of course, would have to undertake.

Put another way, Bibi NetanYahoo doesn't want an agreement, he doesn't want a settlement, he doesn't want peace. He wants to get the US Congress to declare war on Iran for him. And too many in Congress seem ready to join him in his paranoia and do it, to join in the cause of war on Iran - even though, and this can't be said often enough, there is no hard evidence that Iran actually is trying or would try or wants to try to build nuclear weapons.

And maybe that's why NetanYahoo doesn't want an agreement: It might prove that "the Iranian bomb," whether or not it was real at some point in the past, is now a fantasy he is pursuing for his own political gain.

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