Saturday, July 25, 2015

213.4 - Too little, too late: Cleveland admits it should not have hired cop who killed Tamir Rice

Too little, too late: Cleveland admits it should not have hired cop who killed Tamir Rice
Here's a bit of news to be filed under the heading better late than never - except wait, no it isn't

The Cleveland Police Department has in effect admitted that it never should have hired Timothy Loehmann, the failed cop who shot down 12-year-old Tamir Rice quite literally less than two seconds after pulling up to him in a squad car, then failed to offer any sort of aid as the child lay on the ground bleeding to death.

The two supervisors who hired Loehmann have been disciplined, found guilty of having "failed to adequately supervise and review an applicant's background investigation" and of administrative charges including neglect of duty.

Which I'm sure brings complete closure to Tamir Rice's family.

Loehmann was hired in 2014, after he resigned from the Independence Police Department on his first day. The police academy supervisor there wrote that Loehmann's performance during handgun training was "dismal," and that Loehmann had trouble following orders. He was then rejected by at least five different area police agencies before landing a job in the Cleveland PD by supervisors who never checked with Independence.

Loehmann shot Tamir Rice on November 22 - November 22, that is seven months ago, and still Loehmann has his job and the "investigation " (there supposedly is one) drags on.

In that time we have learned that the Cleveland Police flat out told multiple lies about what happened, for one, claiming Loehmann told Tamir three times to put up his hands, when the video (which the police did not know existed at the time they made that statement) shows there was no time for anyone to have said anything three times.

We also learned that investigators couldn't find any hard evidence that Loehmann said any such thing.

We also have learned that a Cleveland Municipal Court judge found probable cause that Loehmann should face murder and other charges.

And yet the case drags on, with prosecutor Timothy McGinty said that he expects to present the case to a grand jury "within months." That is, more months on top of the seven months this has already dragged out. While Tamir Rice's family waits for justice.

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