Saturday, July 25, 2015

213.5 - Happy Birthday to "The Nation"

Happy Birthday to "The Nation"

I have to say Happy Birthday to "The Nation," our country's oldest news magazine, which this year is celebrating it's 150th anniversary. It's first issue came out in July 1865.

The Nation was founded by abolitionists who were concerned for the welfare of newly-freed slaves. But in a lot of ways it was also right wing in those early years: nativist, anti-labor, and pro-corporate.

Now, however, and for some time now, it's editorial position could be described as around the left end of the Democratic Party - which, I will note, also means it's somewhat to the right of me.

No matter. The Nation has not always been the same politically, but it has done what so many other political journals and periodicals have not: It has persevered. And for that, if nothing else, it's anniversary deserves note.

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