Sunday, August 02, 2015

214.5 - Update: Despite lies of opponents, public still supports Planned Parenthood

Update: Despite lies of opponents, public still supports Planned Parenthood

The impact of those doctored videos being used to attack Planned Parenthood is banging around the halls of Congress, eagerly echoed by the usual collection of right-wing twits there and in the echo-chamber right-wing media - but it does not seem to be penetrating beyond that, as least so far.

According to a new poll commissioned by Planned Parenthood to measure the impact of the videos, nearly two-thirds of American voters oppose a proposal to strip federal funds from Planned Parenthood, with less than 30 percent in favor - and just a quarter would choose a congressional candidate who wants to defund the group over one who does not.

When presented with the claims about the video made by the the anti-abortion group that recorded the videos along with Planned Parenthood's response, more than half of those polled said they are inclined to believe Planned Parenthood, with only a quarter believing the anti-choicers.

Despite the bleating and bloviating from the right, the majority of the American public is still prepared to say, "I stand with Planned Parenthood" against those who would destroy it.

As a sidebar, I expect that part of the reason for the results is that nearly a quarter of women polled said they had personally visited a Planned Parenthood clinic for health care.

This, of course, won't stop the fanatics and their dutiful mouthpieces. Facts never do. In the House, a resolution has been introduced - with 135 co-sponsors - calling on the Justice Dept. to investigate Planned Parenthood and in the Senate, Majority Leader Fishface McConnell  is fast-tracking a motion to cut off all federal funding for the group.

On the other hand, these poll results should stiffen the spine of those who should oppose all that.

Understand, this is nothing new: The attacks on Planned Parenthood go back well over a decade. It's part of a regular right-wing strategy: attack the big target, figuring if you can take that down, the rest will fall. The case of Kermit Gosnell made a splash, but ultimately had little if any impact because he was one guy.

In fact, you've already forgotten him, haven't you? He was the Philadelphia abortion provider who is now in prison, life without parole, after being convicted two years ago of killing viable fetuses after abortions, along with a host other grisly crimes.

Oh, yeah, you remember him now. But that's the point. You have to be reminded. Because he was just one individual. A particularly slimy one, but still one. The right wing doesn't care about him except for how his case can be exploited as a symbol. You don't go after one crooked abortionist, you go after the most effective advocate for women's health and a woman's right to choose. And you are prepared to lie through your teeth to do it.

That's what's going on with the Planned Parenthood videos. Remember it.

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