Sunday, August 02, 2015

214.6 - Update: State Dept. upgrades Malaysia's ranking on human trafficking

Update: State Dept. upgrades Malaysia's ranking on human trafficking

Two weeks ago, I expressed my outrage at reports that the State Dept.'s new annual report on human trafficking would upgrade Malaysia from Tier 3, the group of the worst offenders, to Tier 2.

The reason this was important is that the fast-track authority on the Trans-Pacific Partnership which Congress passes said that any nation in Tier 3 could not be in that trade deal. Which meant Malaysia was out, which meant, according to the White House, that the whole deal could fall apart. If Malaysia could be moved to Tier 2, everything would be back on track.

The Update here is that, yep, the SOBs did it. They moved Malaysia out of Tier 3, a shift that, in the words of Human Rights Watch, was "so extraordinarily unwarranted that political interference can be presumed."

I said it then, I say it now: The depth of moral corruption to which this administration will sink in order to do the bidding of the banks is almost incomprehensible.

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