Saturday, January 16, 2016

233.8 - Clown of the Year 2015, Jackassery Category: Sen. James Inhofe

Clown of the Year 2015, Jackassery Category: Sen. James Inhofe

For Clown of the Year 2015, Total Jackassery category, we again have a lot of nominees, such as Marco Rubio dismissing talk about gun control in the wake of the San Bernadino shootings by noting the couple who did the shooting also had homemade bombs and saying "I don't see anybody talking about bomb control" - which, of course, is likely because bombs are already illegal, which he apparently did not know.

There was Alaska governor Bill Walker proposing to raise money to deal with the impacts of climate change on his state by issuing more licenses to drill for more oil.

We had the then-governor of Kentucky, Steve Beshear arguing to the Supreme Court that Kentucky's ban on same-sex marriage was not discriminatory because while, for example, it prevented two gay guys who wanted to get married to each other from doing so, it also prevented two straight guys who didn't want to get married to each other from doing the same thing, so it's all fair, see?

We had Ben Carson insisting that presidents can simply ignore Supreme Court rulings they don't like because those are "judicial" laws, not like they were real "legislative" laws or something.

But our winner - if only because he was a three-time recipient in 2015 - is the man with the world's most perfect middle name because he clearly has rocks in his head, Senator James Mountain and yes that really is his middle name Inhofe.

Sen. James Rocks-In-His-Head Inhofe
This is the man who stood in the well of the Senate in late February with a snowball in his hand and declared that because it was cold in Washington, DC, in February, that because there was snow on the ground in Washington, DC, in February, that proved global warming is a hoax.

This is the man who, having repeatedly made that hoax claim, who even wrote a book making the claim, in May slammed Obama's climate plan on the grounds that it didn't push for more nuclear power, without which, Senator Rocks In His Head said, we can't reduce carbon emissions enough. This is the man who, a week later, went on a rant on how we should not reduce carbon emissions because "CO2 is a fertilizer" that is "greening the planet."

And this is the man who in December went uninvited to the international climate conference as "the one-man truth squad, and tell the truth, that they’re being lied to by the Obama administration" because he and the rest of the troglodytes in Congress will keep anything from being done.

Senator James Rocks In His Head Inhofe, Clown of the Year 2015, Total Jackassery Category.

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