Thursday, September 11, 2008

Once more with feeling

I just wanted to quickly repeat what I said a few posts down that posting here will be very scanty for the month of September and folks probably shouldn't bother looking here more than once a week.

Every time I think "I should say something about that" - such as Barack Obama's nauseating assertion that the "surge" has "succeeded beyond our wildest dreams" or the news that a county in Virginia is actively misinforming college students about their voting rights - I immediately think "But what I really should be doing is packing."

So I pack.

As I also said earlier, I do intend a renewed commitment to this thing come October 1, a commitment to having something posted every day, even if it's just one of my famous geek posts. I do think that what I put up here is worth reading (at least for the most part) but I also think there hasn't been enough to keep people coming back. I'm going to do my best to remedy that.

One thing that won't change is my tendency to focus far more on topics and events that are not filling the pages of the Big Blogs unless I think I have something to say or a perspective to add that is noticeably different from what is already out there. Put another way, I don't want to just be going, either directly or by implication via essentially carbon-copy content, "me, too" or "what so-and-so said." If I can't add anything, I'll just let it slide.

I'd better go pack something. See you soon.

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