Sunday, December 20, 2009

Footnote to the preceding

Kent Conrad is saying that whatever health care deform bill comes out of a conference committee had damned well better toe the line on what the Senate passes - or more accurately, what he and his fellow corporate-tit-sucking toadies demanded - or it may not get 60 votes. Put more bluntly, it's "Do it our way of we'll filibuster the conference report and kill the whole thing."

Put even more bluntly, it's "Hey, House of Representatives, fuck you and the bill you rode in on! Equal partners in the Legislative Branch? Screw that and eat this!" And in fact "The Hill" is saying that "momentum seems to lie behind the Senate bill staying intact."

Remember all that hoopla about the "historic" House vote? Remember how I was so disappointed in what came out? Apparently, I shouldn't have been because apparently, it didn't mean crap.

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