Friday, November 12, 2010

This should have gone up yesterday #2

This was originally posted on November 11, 2009. It is the second of the posts I've decided to put up every year. As in the previous post, this introductory paragraph and the Footnote, if any, may change year to year. The rest of the post is as per the original. Here it is:

This wasn't about Veterans Day originally, it was about Memorial Day, but I think it fits here equally well.

In May 2002, someone on a mailing list I was on posted a message asking people to take a moment of silence on Memorial Day, saying "Let us ensure that those who have made the ultimate sacrifice for our freedom are not forgotten."

In response, I wrote:
And in that silent moment remember, too, the many nonviolent warriors who struggled, searched, sacrificed, for justice and freedom, who remain without songs or memorials to celebrate their lives or their passing, but who at some moment stood weaponless against the machinery of oppression and showed in their simple “No more” a force that can move history.
It is indicative of how we as a culture regard things that on the whole, we celebrate our soldiers while they are alive and our nonviolent warriors only when they are safely dead. Then again, I'm not so sure we're so different from others in that way.


tim said...

True. Which makes it all the more cool when one of our nonviolent warriors has a song written about her while she is alive and fighting. See:

Lotus said...

Tim -

Thanks for the link and hi! Been wondering about you and hoping you hadn't disappeared.

tim said...

What's up, man? I still exist. Busy as hell these days. Still following the old 'Lotus - Surviving a Dark Time' blog.

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