Friday, December 17, 2010

Footnote to the preceding

In an interview on NPR last week, The Great Shrinking O said this about deficits:
Actually, I think that if you talk to economists, both conservative and liberal, what they'll say is the problem is not next year. The problem is, how are we dealing with our medium-term debt and deficit, and how are we dealing with our long-term debt and deficit? And most of that has to do with entitlements, particularly Social Security and Medicaid.
I don't know if he did mean to say Medicaid or if he meant to say Medicare (the two programs are funded differently and face different struggles), but it doesn't matter: He is blaming deficits on Social Security. And that is both false and dangerous. The choice between an incompetent and being a liar still exists, but either way the impact is the same: Barack Obama, the Great Liberal Hope, he of "hope and change," has joined the right-wing attack on Social Security.

(Thanks for the link go to Sam Seder via Avedon Carol.)

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