Thursday, December 15, 2011

Some stuff I didn't have time for #1

As I noted earlier, in the interim between posts of shows I'm going to be posting some stuff about things I would have liked to have included but felt constrained by time. Here's one.

Joe "I just loves me some TV face time" Arpaio, the soi-disant "America's Toughest Sheriff," may be at overly long last facing the end of his ill-deserved plaudits.

The proverbial straw appears to have been the revelation that his office either botched or just didn't give flying damn about hundreds of alleged sex crimes, in more than two dozen of which the victims were children. Most of those complaints, revealingly, were in Latino neighborhoods.

There already has been an on-going criminal investigation of him and his department for felonious abuse of authority, centered on a bogus "anti-corruption" squad that by all appearances primarily existed to launch phony but intimidating investigations into anyone who got on Arpaio's wrong side.

Now there is what is described as a "scathing" report charging him and his office with a pattern of civil rights violations against Latinos and a “systematic disregard” for their Constitutional rights.

There's even an internet petition calling for his resignation.
John Doughtery, a Phoenix New Times investigative journalist, who launched the campaign against Arpaio, explained his reasoning in a press release.

“Joe Arpaio has already cost Maricopa County more than $100 million in misspent funds and $43 million in settlements for claims arising from abuse in the county jails,” said Dougherty. “Since 2006 Joe Arpaio has allowed child molestation cases to take a backseat to his publicity stunts, racial profiling based roundups, campaigning, and a reality TV show. This is a clear example of government waste and abuse of power that must not be tolerated.”
Arpaio is a sfaming scumbag racist who deserves - at best - to be treated as he treated many Latino prisoners: forced to wear pink underwear while housed in a tent, surrounded by guards speaking to him in a language he barely understands who punish him for violating orders he didn't comprehend. We are much better off without him.

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