Friday, December 16, 2011

Some stuff I didn't have time for #5

Faced with the truly horrendous, horrifying vision of demonstrations at the Democratic National Convention in September - especially the prospect of the presence of Old Scratch himself in the form of the Occupy movement - the host city of Charlotte, North Carolina is looking to enact laws based on the determination that insuring quietude for the delegates and power players is more important than Constitutional rights.

The city wants to makes tents in public spaces "a public nuisance," ban other camping equipment, and outlaw "noxious substances," whatever they are. It also wants to limit where protesters can demonstrate (Remember "free speech zones?") and ban overnight stays altogether. The result would be not only to ban Occupy from protesting the DNC but would make Occupy Charlotte's encampment likewise illegal - a nice little bonus.
Charlotte Mayor Anthony Foxx said dubiously last month that the rule, which could be enacted in January, is not aimed at a specific group.
This despite the fact that a related memo says that "recent issues related to camping on city property" - that is, Occupy Charlotte - have raised the issue of "regulat[ing] this activity during the DNC."

Of course this is aimed at Occupy. Of course this is about looking to make sure all those Important And Serious People do not have to be exposed to the DFHs and the rest of the rabble. Of course this is about protecting business as usual.By attmpting to block Occupy, the city council of Charlotte has instead pointed up its necessity.

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