Friday, December 14, 2012

Left Side of the Aisle #86 - Part 6

Clown Award: Rahm Emanuel

The Clown Award, given weekly for meritorious stupidity.

What got this award occurred a couple of weeks ago but I decided to include it because the dishonoree he is so thoroughly deserving. It is Rahm Emanuel.

Rahm Emanuel, the man who before spending a trillion - yes, with a T - dollars to bail out the banks, said "You never want a serious crisis to go to waste." The man who as Obama's chief of staff called progressive opponents of his boss "retarded." The man who left DC to become mayor of Chicago and now continues to show his command of nutzoid indifference to reality.

The Chicago Transit Authority has announced significant fare hikes for its buses and trains. Commuters are understandably upset about the increases - but Emanuel responded with “Fares stayed the same. Basic fares stayed the same, which you cannot say about gas prices.”

Yes, basic fares, single-trip fares, are staying the same - but the cost of passes are going up significantly and the commuters, who make up 55% of the system's traffic, are the ones you use the passes, you twit.

But that wasn't enough for him: He suggested commuters who don't like the new fares are free to get behind the wheel and drive, saying "you will make that choice" - it's just a "choice" whether you will drive or take public transportation, ignoring the fact that many of the people who rely on the CTA don't have cars and can't afford them.

Rahm Emanuel - we always knew it, but thanks for confirming yet again that you really are a clown.


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