Sunday, July 09, 2017

27.5 - Clown Award: TheRump supporters

Clown Award: TheRump supporters

Next up, it's the Clown Award, given as always for meritorious stupidity. And oh, did we have some fun this week. So many that we can't even cover them all but I can only give you a couple of highlights.

There was, of course, New Jersey Gov. Chris Christie, who is determined to prove that his historically-low approval rating of 15% is higher than he deserves. Involved in a budget impasse with the legislature, he ordered state-owned beaches closed for the entire July 4th weekend - and then went to the beach at a house set aside for the use of the governor.

Then when asked at a news conference if he’d gotten any sun, he said “I didn’t. I didn’t get any sun today.”

Then when pictures of him on the beach went viral, his spokesman said he meant that “he had a baseball hat on,” that why he "didn't get any sun."

Then, when cornered, Christie said people upset about his bone-headed selfishness should "Run for governor." Because, you know, if people object, it's just because they're jealous. Certainly a worthy contender.

Then there is Faux News commentator Lisa Kennedy Montgomery, who responded to reports about how people would die if TheRump care is passed, dumping millions off of health insurance and so restricting their access to care, by saying who cares because "we're all gonna die."

But the winner was a last minute entry. So the Big Red Nose this week goes to: Donald TheRump supporters.

For the past 29 years, National Public Radio’s “Morning Edition” has observed the Fourth of July by having the show's hosts, reporters, newscasters, and commentators do a reading of the Declaration of Independence.

This year, NPR also tweeted out the Declaration, 140-character line by 140-character line.

So what happened? Backers of TheRump, who I suppose could be called Rumpers, who usually can be found ritually chanting "Make America Great Again" interspersed with accusation of how everyone to their left is un-American, didn't recognize the Declaration of Independence and accused NPR of "calling for revolution," "condon[ing] the violence" (of the Left, of course) and pushing "biased propaganda" and "trash," while references to George III as an "unworthy" leader were taken to be code for TheRump.

Even when people pointed out the source document for NPRs tweets, TheRump's Rumpers still claimed it all was bias on the part of NPR. Put another way, they are saying that the Declaration of Independence is anti-TheRump propaganda.

Which may be that far off, when I think about it.

TheRump's Rumpers, maybe not all of them but certainly more than enough of them: total clowns.

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