Friday, August 12, 2022

059 The Erickson Report for August 11 to 24

059 The Erickson Report for August 11 to 24

Episode 59 of The Erickson Report
- takes A Longer Look at the "Inflation Reduction Act," including some of what's in it, the real cause for Joe Manchin's about-face, and the disastrous "side-deal" that secured it;
- presents two Clown Awards;
- has RIPs for Bill Russell and Vin Scully; and
- reminds us something that must never be forgotten.

The Erickson Report is produced and presented by Larry Erickson, a long-time political activist and proud member of "the woke mob." It is what's known as "advocacy journalism," dealing in facts and logic while never denying it has a point of view.

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