Saturday, April 09, 2011

A few passing thoughts, #2

Invasions of privacy, loss of privacy, shrinking of the Fourth Amendment, they're all around us. For one example, the PHC* administration is criticizing industry-backed proposals to improve internet security and privacy. Those corporations are not being altruistic; they have thier own interests in mind: The relative lack of privacy protection for non-locally stored data hinders the developemnt and marketing of cloud-based services. Still, it means the White House is against improving online privacy because, they say, it'll make it harder on the cops to watch us.

On another front, moves to require drug tests as a condition for public assistance are being pushed in several states, including Florida, Pennsylvania, New York, and Tennessee. In Florida, Governor Voldemort has already made drug tests mandatory for all state employees.

However, there is class of citizens whose right to privacy must be maintained: gun owners.
The Illinois House passed a bill on Friday that would allow gun owners to have their identities shielded from public disclosure.
Although it was introduced by a GOPper, it passed by a wide margin with bipartisan support.

*PHC = President Hopey-Changey

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