Saturday, April 09, 2011

A few passing thoughts, #3

Speaking of the internet and corporations,
House Republicans adamant that the government keep its hands off the Internet passed a bill Friday to repeal federal rules barring Internet service providers from blocking or interfering with traffic on their networks.
According to Rep. Greg Walden, sponsor of the bill, the internet "is open and innovative thanks to the government's hands-off approach."

In other words, the telcoms have convinced a bunch of technological troglodytes that the government has and has had nothing to do with the internet or its development and that the best way to keep the Net "open and innovative" is to enable a handful of giant corporations to effectively assume full control over what goes over the Net and how fast that data moves.

Part of the reason, of course, is that they can't imagine those corporations interfering with anything they would want to see. I wonder what the reaction would be if these GOPpers succeeded and one of the first things Verizon or Comcast or one of them did was block access to some Tea Party website.

Wait, never mind: We already know.

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